Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY Gift Tags

Do you wonder what to do with fabric scraps all the time?

Here is one way to use them. Make yourself some very pretty tags to use for any occasion, for gifts or your handmade products.

Here's how to make them

You will need:

Card stock
Fabric scraps
Eyelet tool
Sewing machine (optional) 

Sew your fabric pieces on the cards. 
Sewing them is just an option. You can also glue them on, if you prefer.

Add some twine

And they are ready to be used :)

Have a Beautiful Day



  1. What a great idea for using fabric scraps! I love that you put an eyelet on the gift tags. It reminds me that I have some eyelets sitting in a drawer that I haven't used in years. Thank you for sharing!